• Qbix Team

3 Things You May Not Have Known Were Possible Using Your Greenhouse ATS Data

By Jeff Carlson

So your organization selected Greenhouse as your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for recruiting. Good choice. But perhaps you wish you could do more analysis and obtain better insights from the recruiting process. Here are three things you might not realize you can do with your data from Greenhouse:

Understanding candidate pass rates and hiring bottlenecks

By tracking candidates as they move through the various hiring stages, one can establish the historical pass rates for each stage by region, country, department, or role. This can also provide insights into how many candidates needed in the pipeline at each hiring stage for a successful hire. Equally as important, the length of time spent in each stage (again, by location, organization, and/or role) can be used to identify bottlenecks in the pipeline that are causing delays in the hiring process, or even worse, loss of qualified candidates to other companies’ offers.

Tracking achievements of organizational headcount targets

By blending recruiting data from Greenhouse with other internal data sources (such as hiring targets and active headcounts from employee management systems like Workday or PeopleSoft), one can easily track how well the hiring process is helping to achieve specific headcount goals. This analysis can also factor in both the new hires as well and expected attrition to give an overall view on headcount and tracking towards specific goals over time.

Predict the expected numbers of hires over time based on pipeline

Using historical pass rates and average times spent in each stage, it is possible to predict numbers and timing of new hires to be expected with an existing pipeline of candidates. These predictive algorithms can also be used to understand what changes are necessary to an existing pipeline to achieve specific hiring goals. All of these determinations can be performed at any level of granularity desired (by location, organization or individual role).

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