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Put Your Data to Work

To identify and implement worthwhile changes, business leaders must first fully understand the trends that are impacting their organizations. Data has made this goal easier to accomplish than ever before, as long as the user has the skills and know-how to identify those trends amidst the ever-increasing piles of data at their disposal.The depth to which information can be analyzed is becoming a key driver of success for many data-savvy companies.

A lot has been written about our ever-improving ability to collect data in the internet age -- however, one technological advancement that is nearly as significant is the ability to make data work actively on your behalf. By identifying critical metrics, establishing thresholds, and initiating automated notifications, much of the analytical heavy lifting can be handled with minimal human interaction.. Here are a few examples of how you can make your data more active:

Establish Triggers

Here at QBIX Analytics, we believe that certain pieces of data demand attention -- and we have created tools that help ensure that important information never goes unnoticed. One of the features we offer that we find most useful is the ability to automatically send emails to business leaders based on pre-established triggers. For example, you may wish to automatically contact the marketing team should a certain trend in customer habits become abundantly clear, or you may wish to automatically inform the CFO if the cost of overhead rises above a certain threshold.

Identify The Data That Matters to Your Company

A few common examples of information that companies can benefit from analyzing more closely include:

  • Consumer demographics.

  • Customer profiles and purchasing trends.

  • Analysis of production and operations efficiency.

  • Social media trends.

  • Risk evaluation and avoidance.

  • Market patterns and competitor information.

Need Help Analyzing Your Existing Data?

An intelligent way of staying ahead of the curve with data trends is to combine the intelligence and experience of people who have studied and been on the forefront of these changes as they’re happening. QBIX Analytics believes in every business owner having 100 percent control of their data to pave the way for refined decision making.

A few of our services include a specialization in identifying and articulately analyzing key trends emerging among the business market in addition to an unused data program designed to assist and teach companies how to incorporate data that often goes widely ignored.

QBIX Analytics provides business tools aiding companies through the combined complexities of technology & business application. Visit us online to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can help you grow!