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The Hype of Embedded Analytics

According to CIO Dive, nearly 75% of companies are employing the use of #embedded analytics tools. Such tools contribute to efforts aimed at the democratization of the data analysis process for employees working outside of IT. While integrated analytic tools combine processes to make it simpler and more automated, embedded analytic tools are those that come built into an application system such as the cloud and allows employees to experiment with it on their own.  

The popular tools of data analytics are now in the cloud.  Having analytics tools built into the cloud gives companies a bigger and better view of their data, helps apply meaning to data and drives more people develop their analytic skills.  Another well-established benefit of the cloud system is convenience as everything is in one place and nothing can be overlooked and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

The cloud is an invaluable tool that enables easier and faster data analytics so users can make smarter decisions in a quickly evolving business climate and its benefits can be utiklized in some way by every business, large or small.  The bottom line is this, things that are in one place inevitably lead to simpler processes therefore saving valuable time and money.

What this means for app development

Every application development team today, whether they’re an Independent Software Vendor working on a commercial project or a complex IT team working on an internal application, If your application fails at engaging users or proving its value with a positive #ROI, it will die and die quickly.   One way to do this is with embedded analytics. Real-time data is stored in the cloud and available quickly to data scientists so they can speed along the process of problem solving and improvement.

Recently, many application teams have seen the benefits of embedded analytics in improving their user experiences while increasing end user increases and soaring revenue.   And it's not just consumer apps, according to Entrepreneur.  Internal business applications must also manage and repurpose a huge amount of data.  Marketing, sales, HR, accounting and health care all use data that needs to be tracked, compiled, manipulated and packaged as part of the product’s user experience.  So whether a developer is releasing commercial software or an internal application, they know that embedded analytics solves the problems that have plagued standalone data discovery tools.