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Corporate Venturing is a Rocket Ship

As the first half of 2018 ended, investments in which corporate venture capital (CVC) has participated have shattered previous records. The second half of 2017 was the largest six-month period ever by a wide margin, and 1H 2018 is another 20% higher than that amount, at $84B. This means that CVCs have participated in investments totaling more than $150B in the past 12 months - an astounding amount of investment money. Some estimates are that this represents 70% or more of all VC investments during this time period.

Over the past three years, the number of investment rounds with CVC participation has remained flat, while the amounts invested have increased by over 200%. This clearly indicates the size of each investment has increased dramatically.

Numbers of CVC Investments and Total Dollars

So where is all of this money being invested? Which countries are the recipients of most of this money? Which sectors are receiving the largest investments? Where are the majority of these investment dollars coming from?

Digging deeper into where this money is going, we see new records are being established in these regards as well, and will be the focus of subsequent posts.