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Design commission plans

with confidence.


Sales Compensation Management with


CaptivateIQ enables your team to plan and execute tailored commissions plans so you can inspire trust in your employees and operate with confidence. As a CaptivateIQ solution partner, we enable your complete sales commission management solution including implementation and consulting services so you can take full advantage of this powerful system.

Commission Management on your terms

No code required

Set up commission plans with confidence using the familiarity and flexibility of spreadsheets.

One holistic view

Import or sync your commissions data in real-time to automate fast, reliable calculations.

Harness the data


Customize ASC 606-ready reports to provide full transparency for accounting and finance.

Build cross-functional alignment

Track individual performance across teams for greater visibility and accountability.

Increase individual performance

Share a clear breakdown of results and earnings that encourage the right actions.

Resolve disputes effortlessly

Settle pay inquiries side by side with commissions data for fast and easy resolutions.


Preview Any Commission Scenario

Run real-time payout simulations for any team, plan, or period and make adjustments on the fly.

One of the 10 Most Loved Products in 2021

This company is obviously a smart (pun-intended) choice for compensation management software, and our reviewers feel it. With a whopping 9.2 out of 10 Score, there is a lot to love about this San Francisco-based company.


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