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Welcome to the Adaptive Corner! Here we post helpful tips and tricks we've picked up while working with Workday Adaptive Planning.  Have a question we haven't answered? Please ask us through the get in touch form above!

Workday Adaptive Planning Corner

Hello and welcome to our first video!  In today's video, we wanted to highlight some easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts that will streamline your adaptive experience.

Two Keyboard Shortcuts Every Workday Adaptive Planning User Should Know

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is what is the difference between Dimensions and Attributes?  In today's video answer that question and discuss best practices in reporting. 

Workday Adaptive Planning: Dimensions Vs Attributes & How To Report On Them

One reason we all enjoy working with Workday Adaptive Planning is its ease of navigation and organization, and over the years we have learned some tips that make the process of navigating to your instance even easier. In today's video, we will share with you how to pin adaptive as an app in your taskbar, allowing you to access and hide your tab instantly.

How To Pin Your Workday Adaptive Planning Window as an App on your Taskbar

Workday Adaptive Planning – The Art of Formula Writing

As Workday Adaptive Planning consultants, we’ve seen it all when it comes to formulas. While some are easy to follow and understand, others leave our heads spinning as we try and decipher what the end goal of the formula was when it was implemented. This deciphering process wastes time and money that could be spent on improving your model, as well as leaves end users lost when trying to understand the work that has been done on their instance. To avoid this headache, follow these four basic rules to write clear formulas in Workday Adaptive Planning.

How to bookmark Workday Adaptive Planning In Your Chrome Browser

While working in Workday Adaptive Planning, we are always looking for ways to save time. One time-consuming process is having to navigate through the Adaptive menu to get to the Modeling and Admin pages. One solution is to bookmark, however, standard bookmarks will log you out of an active session, resulting in a bigger loss of time. To remedy this, we have developed a simple workaround that allows you to bookmark Workday Adaptive Planning pages in your browser with ease: bookmarklets. Bookmarklets are bookmarks with JavaScript that will re-create the URL, using your active session ID.

Using Unicode characters in Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning provides a consolidated platform for all your financial data, but with all this data in one place, your instance may become disorganized. One strategy we use to maintain organization is using Unicode Characters in our models.  Find the list of Characters HERE

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