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Kickstart Your Business With Support Services From QBIX Analytics

Experienced professionals to guide your business from promising startup to IPO ready corporation


QBIX Analytics offers professional services across multiple disciplines including finance, investor relations, legal, and human resources. We can prepare your organization to meet your internal and external goals from hiring the right people to adding new locations to preparing for IPO.


CFO Services

Our finance team focuses on implementing best practices and can help determine the best path forward on financial-related decisions. We can help with monthly fluctuation analysis reporting, expense department allocation, capital expenditure modeling, resource and capital allocation, valuation modeling, and finance strategy. We implement three-statement financial models, manage the quarterly forecast and annual budget assumptions and inputs, and respond to investor questions.


Legal Services

Legal services cover drafting and reviewing contracts, providing legal advice, and helping with compliance and regulatory matters. We help our clients protect their rights and understand their legal obligations, thereby minimizing legal risks. We can also assist in creating effective contracts, policies, and procedures, protecting intellectual property, and improving organizational efficiency.


Human Resources

Our Human Resources team provides services that involve managing and developing human capital, including recruiting, training, developing, and retaining employees, managing benefits, compensation, and performance evaluations, and ensuring compliance with labor laws. We help organizations achieve their goals by creating a positive work environment, increasing employee satisfaction and performance, and managing organizational changes.

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