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With dozens of Workday Adaptive Planning Implementations under our belt, we have learned a number of different tips and tricks that make the planning process even easier within Adaptive. In our webinar, we discussed a number of these tips and tricks in the context of a personnel model. For many businesses, employee expenses make up the largest percentage of a company’s expenditure, and many of the strategies used here can be applied to various other models.  help take your planning to the next level.

From Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 10:00 am PST

Watch our discussion about the importance of being agile and able to respond quickly to a rapidly changing business environment. Also, learn how Workday Adaptive Planning can drastically improve your business agility through better, more collaborative planning.

Watch our webinar where we'll show you how to create active dashboards in Workday Adaptive Planning that provide visibility into your headcount needs and enable management of your hiring pipeline. We take the time to answer audience questions and show you how to drastically improve your company's overall business agility.

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