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Enhancing Business Operations through Comprehensive Data Services


QBIX Analytics offers comprehensive data services to improve your company's operations through insights obtained from data. We provide data engineering, data science, and software development to fulfill all your data needs. Our process starts with understanding your business and identifying your requirements, then recommending solutions that include data sourcing, key metrics, access levels, and maintenance and support. Our solutions may involve manual and automated data integration processes, software engineering, and data science methods to uncover hidden insights. Finally, we ensure customer satisfaction through an acceptance period, implementation, and ongoing support.

Data Readiness

We start by developing a full picture of your business including an introductory discovery session on your current systems and data sets. Once we have a better understanding of your requirements, we recommend a high-level process and potential performance management and financial planning solutions. We determine data sources, your business needs and constraints, key metrics, team users, and access levels along with maintenance and support requirements.

Solution Development

Each solution varies by customer and need but typically contains a mix of manual and automated processes to bring data from disparate sources into a cohesive set of information for analysis. Software engineering helps scale the work needed to prepare data for analysis and create a single source of truth.

Data Science

Application of various data science and machine learning approaches to locate the insights that reside hidden within your data.

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