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To keep up with the fast pace of change in today’s business world, sales operations and sales leadership teams need better tools for planning and analysis. Sales teams need a robust solution that will help improve planning accuracy and processes, and grant insight into functional interdependencies. With Workday Adaptive Planning for sales, organizations can build better, more integrated plans in a single technology platform. 

Design a sales planning process that can scale with the needs of your sales organization. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can collaborate seamlessly across the organization to quickly and easily set targets, optimize resources, deploy effective quotas, and design balanced territories. With better planning, you and your whole business can make smarter decisions faster.


Plan for change with a powerful modeling engine built for enterprise planning.


Make better decisions with an easy-to-use solution that is quickly adopted across any enterprise.



Get time back by automating planning to execution.

Common Challenges associated with sales planning

Key benefits of Workday Adaptive Planning for sales

  • Strategic objectives are not clear or captured programmatically

  • Sales planning takes place in a silo

  • Simple spreadsheets cannot overcome complexity and support interconnectedness

  • Data integrity is impacted by relying on spreadsheets

  • Tools may be inflexible or difficult to house

  • productivity is negatively impacted due to the amount of rework and error correction that results from using spreadsheets

  • Optimizing target market coverage to maximize revenue

  • Enabling proactive management of the sales strategy 

  • Connecting with the financial plan to see the impact of changes in the workforce

  • Enabling the ability to make changes in the sales plan components and seeing the impact on the financial outcomes 

  • Running scenarios and what-if analysis to adapt quickly to changing business needs, providing visibility into the sequence of impacts across all the connected elements of the sales plans to make better-informed decisions 


Senior Manager of Sales Planning & Analytics, Acquia

We know confidently that our sales team is going into a year with a number and a plan that will make them successful.

Jeff Bergstrom, CFO Winshuttle

With Workday Adaptive Planning's Sales Planning tool we have the ability too look at multiple scenarios for growth protection, as well as multiple sales plans to model what-if scenarios in real time. 

Harry VaselsCFO, SCAV

A very flexible tool that gives great visibility to the organization... I cannot say enough about how Workday Adaptive Planning has been a truly effective budgeting, planning, and forecasting tool.

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