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Global Corporate

Venturing (GCV)

Maximizing the potential of investment data

Executive Summary

Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) wanted an effective way of analyzing and showcasing the investment data it had collected over the past five years. With the help of QBIX Analytics, GCV was able to analyze and visualize its data for, The World of Corporate Venturing 2015, the first of its kind for-fee report for the CVC community. QBIX Analytics surpassed GCV’s expectations by providing the company with over 100 engaging analyses and charts featuring the most relevant and influential investments in the venture capitalist community.


Global Corporate Venturing had effectively managed and tracked five years of corporate venture capital (CVC) deals data. As a monthly magazine and website, GCV had dominated as a publication but wanted to utilize more data evidence to strengthen its articles and reports. GCV was uncertain about how to best maximize the potential of the data collected. The organization’s initial vision was to create 10 to 12 charts from the data that could be included in its annual report.


Prior to its partnership with QBIX Analytics, GCV had stored and tracked data in Salesforce; however, analyzing and creating charts from the data was a manual, cumbersome process. For The World of Corporate Venturing 2015, GCV wanted to utilize its data in a visually engaging way that brought substantial claims to the report, which is a critical resource for the corporate venturing community.


How We Helped

The QBIX Analytics team analyzed the data gathered by Global Corporate Venturing to understand and develop the key trends and insights in investments and exits by CVCs. The team created over 100 graphics, the majority of which were included in the final publication of The World of Corporate Venturing 2015. The graphics showed the macro trends of investments and exits over the past four years, top investors in each of the key sectors and industry verticals, and provided details broken down by region and investment or exits. The data influenced and strengthened the main points made throughout the report emphasizing the most pertinent corporate venturing analysis.


Results and Future Plans

The detailed data analysis and graphics were highly praised by GCV and its customers, and provided additional value to the report. GCV publicly thanked QBIX in the report for the team’s help in making this change possible. The World of Corporate Venturing 2015 became a fundamental reference manual for people in the industry and led to follow on sales for additional subscriptions. The reception was so positive that the GCVQBIX Analytics partnership continued with the creation of a new data product, GCV Analytics. GCV is now offering its customers paid memberships to the database that contains about 5,000 deals from 1200 corporations.

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